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Live In Your World Get Dressed In Ours

Beauty Junkee Collection is an Online Boutique that caters to give every client the ultimate experience. Beauty Junkee is an implication of a person whose main interest is to dress unique and has an addiction to fashion. 
Based out of Atlanta, GA, owners Charlotte & Miata McKay can match timeless pieces with trendy items and ultimately showcase a fashion forward, incomparable collection of style. Many people like to sell clothes, these business owners, live the lifestyle of knowing the ins and outs about the fashion business. Miata, a former fashion stylist and makeup artist, brings her multi-faceted beauty industry experience and love for fashion to the business, dedicating herself to give customers a seamless process. Charlotte, a former vixen model and retail manager, says that fashion is the #1 priority! She brings the sharp focus on the goal which is the customer’s satisfaction with the experience and the quality in products.

“The collections we create are inspired by our deep love and passion for trends and custom designs. Our love for fashion keeps the Beauty Junkee Collection creative and innovative with trendy designs that intrigue our clients to want more. This passion cultivates a growth of legendary stylish displays of sexy and seductive apparel for the curvaceous woman.” 

We work hard to create a collection that stands out from the rest. At Beauty Junkee, we believe our customers come first. We strive to produce quality pieces that improves the style of a woman. We take great pride in knowing that each design is made with a woman’s body in mind. Every piece is created distinctively to reveal the silhouette curve of her body.” 

The Beauty Junkee Collection pieces are designed with the best material in mind. We use exotic, vibrant world renowned fabric that cultivates an artistic edge of glamorous style and charm. Each piece is named with a spicy flare that stimulates a colorful; but mysterious platform. The Beauty Junkee Collection is for women inspired by exceptional taste that is looking to showcase a lavish approach to fashion. The collection captures the essence and flair of a woman. 

“Fashion transforms your attitude. It’s designed to embrace a culture that creates a new identity.” 

To check out Beauty Junkee’s Collection, please go to the website on June 18th at or visit them on Instagram. And, stay tuned for the LIVE fashion show broadcast launching their collection to the world.